Alexander's steakhouse- 7/17/13

Tour of the  restaurant

Appetizers & the steaks


The appetizers menu.


We decided to order 3 appetizers and share it amongst ourselves.

1st appetizer: Niman Ranch Pork Belly - ($18)

with Kim chi broth, Monterey bay squid, wild ramps, and Mui Choy

The plate looks absolutely gorgeous but taste wise it was just okay and too Asian for my taste.

The broth did not add much to this dish but it is decent and enjoyable with a nice glass of wine.


2nd Appetizer: Popcorn crab made with jumbo lump crab, Sansho pepper and Sriracha Aioli - ($36)


This dish is great for sharing!  This is a really portion even for the four of us.

We all liked this dish!  crunchy in the outside and the crab meat is really sweet and succulent.  The Sriracha aioli gave a little extra kick which I do enjoy.

3rd appetizer: Roasted bone marrow with basil breadcrumbs, shitake mushroom Duxelle and unagi - ($18)

Kevin and Kristie shared this dish and they seemed to enjoy it.

Yep, by the time we were done there was nothing left!

After our appetizer they brought a palate cleanser a pineapple-kumquat with pearls

Steak knife brought out and set nicely on the table.

The steaks

Kevin and Kristie ordered the Tomahawk chop (huge) and Hoa and I we decided to share the dry aged split bone rib-eye.


Here is the Dry-aged split bone rib-eye served with a soy sherry demi glace, smoke onion butter and scallions - 19 oz - ($56).


Our rib-eye was perfectly cooked to our liking and it does have a good flavor but I did not care much for the sauce. 


Tomahawk chop for Kevin and Kristie - ($95)

I can't remember the exact weight but I think the Tomahawk was over 2 pounds.


I took a picture next to Kevin's I-phone so you can see how big the steak is.

It is really massive! 


We ordered a side order of Cremini mushrooms and French fries.

The French Fries were so good!
The mushroom not so much so we barely ate but the Fries were gone!

Kevin was really disappointed that his steak has no flavor!  The only going for it was that it was a huge portion.

We opted for no dessert but they brought a Cotton candy on the house!

Mignardises are also on the house.


Apricot Pātes de fruits, chocolate, and mochi.

The mochi were too hard, the Pātes de fruits were good, and I was simply too full and did not have room to give the chocolate a try.


Alexander's did not meet our expectation for sure!  The steaks are just okay with too much emphasis on Asian flavors.  If I have to compare with a steakhouse I have to say that I enjoyed Mastro's a lot better.  Mastro's steaks are truly amazing and Alexander's is not even in the same category and of course this is just my opinion!   As a matter of fact Alexander does not even come close to Phuc's steaks (click on link to see Phuc's tomahawk steaks).

However, the service was impeccable and that's why they got the Michelin star.  Now that we have been to Alexander I can put it under my check list and probably will not be back again.

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