Tomahawk steaks and Birthday celebration!  -5/15/10

Grilling the steaks

 The Kids


Birthday celebration

Tonight we are invited to Phuc's and Huyen's house for a steak dinner and also to celebrate Justin's and Ryan's 20th birthday!

Upon our arrival Phuc surprised us by showing us the steaks.  These are not regular steaks they are called Tomahawk Steak aka Bone In Rib Eye Steaks, Long Bone In Rib Eye Steaks, Cow Boy Steaks Cowboy Steak!  We almost died when we saw the size of the steaks.  Each steak is about 2lb (36 oz) to  2lb 1/2 (40 oz).  None of us had ever seen a steak remotely like this one.  In fact we had never seen it served in restaurants neither!   Phuc gets his meat from a special wholesale store and they always save the best steaks for Phuc because he is a very good customer. 

Marinated Tomahawk steaks clearly gets its name from it looks!

Tomahawk Steaks are juiciest of all the steaks! Tomahawk steaks are cut from the heart of the "Prime Rib Roast" where marbling is the most abundant and therefore yield a marvelously tender, rich,  tender texture and succulent taste that just melt in your mouth.

The more marbling, the tender is the meat.  Here is the chart to help you see the different category of meat: 

We got the USDA PRIME, which is the highest grade beside Kobe Beef.


Take a look at all the meat that Phuc marinated!

2 trays of skirt steaks and 3 trays of tomahawk steaks.

Tomahawk steaks!

The size of these steaks are just unreal!

We made Phuc hold the tomahawk steaks to show you how big they are.  

The are just ridiculously huge!

I put my hand on top of the steaks so you can have an idea of their sizes.

The steaks are bigger than my hand!  


Close look at the skirt steaks! The skirt steaks are for the kids and for appetizers!

Phuc is starting to BBQ the skirt steaks for appetizers. 

Grill master Phuc working.... 


Tuan looking over the steaks while Phuc is pouring the remaining marinade over the steaks.


Flipping the steaks....

The skirts steaks are ready for the group to taste!

Letting the steaks rest for a few minutes so the juices are re-distributed and does not bleed out when you slice it.

See the plate of steaks... They are for appetizers only! 

We are definitely serious steak lover.



Tuan slicing the steaks...


We gathered around to sample the skirts steaks.  Shirts steaks are very flavorful, tender, and very simply delicious!


Now that the 1st batch is cooked, Phuc is putting the 2nd tray of skirts steaks on the grill for the kids. 


Next.. The kids + appetizers



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