Tomahawk steaks and Birthdays celebration!  -5/15/10

Grilling the steaks

 The Kids


Birthday celebration

The kids

Time to feed the kids!


A large plate of skirt steaks just for the kids!

Believe it or not there were only 2 steaks left by the time they are done eating. 



The appetizers

Beside the skirt steak appetizers we requested that no appetizers were served but anyway we had a tray of cheese and home made hummus.



While the guests are munching Phuc is putting on the grill the Tomahawk steaks!



Phuc a work!  He told me that he grilled the steaks about 4 to 4 1/2 minutes per side for medium rare.


Almost done!


Check this out!  Nice caramelizing crust on top of the steaks! 

Can't wait to take a big bite into these juicy steaks.


Next... Dinner



Our house


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