Tomahawk steaks and Birthday celebration!  -5/15/10

Grilling the steaks

 The Kids


Birthday celebration

Dinner time!

The table is set up and we are ready to eat! 

A beautiful plate of Asparagus salad.


The hungry crowd...We can not wait to taste the steaks!




Mixed salad with crab meat.

The much anticipated dish of the evening: tomahawk steaks!

We made HanH bite into her steak just for fun!

Even though with cut the steak in half, the portion per person is still huge and I only ate about 2/3 of it.

Hoa putting a steak in his plate!

Wow they really look amazing! 


This time Phuc wanted to show case the flavor of the meat so the marinate was lighter and spot on!   Phuc also grilled the meat to perfection!

We are a lucky bunch!

On to wine... We started with these bottles... 

and here are the remaining bottles we drank....


Maily wanted to take a picture of me chewing and sucking out the last bit of flesh on the bone!

Actually, the meat against the bone is actually the best because of the layer of fat.  It is so flavorful!


Another picture of me chewing on the bone but this time the bone is tilted so you can see how long it is is! 

We had so much fun eating the steaks and we are going to talk about these steaks for a long time to come...They were just out of this world!


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