Tomahawk steaks and Birthday celebration!  -5/15/10

Grilling the steaks

 The Kids


Birthday celebration


Today we celebrating Justin's and Ryan's birthday!  The boys are turning 20. 

Hoa's birthday is in 2 days but requested not to celebrate because he already had too many birthdays and beside we want this time to be about the boys!

Anyhow, Mai-Ly and Hanh bought him some gifts.


Nice Ben Sherman sweater from Mai-Ly and Tuan.

Hoa opening a gift from Hanh and Tuan.

Nice shirt and it fits perfectly!   

Huyen and Phuc bought an ice cream cake for Ryan and Justin!

Color fruit platter.  The star fruit is so pretty!

Overview of the dessert table.


View of the Dessert table from the other end....

I made a bunch of Paris-breast cake and an almond cake with fruits.

Close look at the Paris-Brest

The birthday boys with the kids!


Here we are singing Happy Birthday to Justin and Ryan.


Hanh served some apple cider but Tuan said the kids are 20 years old so let's bring out the booze!   Huyen brought a large bottle of Tequila and gave it to the boys!!

Don't panic, it is just for decoration, they did not touch it.

Happy Birthday Ryan and Justin!

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