Fleming's steakhouse, Palo Alto- 12/28/13

Tour of fleming's The food

Kevin loves steaks so when he is home we are always looking for a good steakhouse.  The last time we went to Alexander's (supposingly a top notch Steakhouse) was such a let down and so my boss hearing my complaint told me to give Fleming's a try. 

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is an American steakhouse restaurant chain owned and operated by Bloomin' Brands.  Founded in 1998 by Paul Fleming and Bill Allen with a headquartered is in Tampa, Florida.  Fleming's first location was in Newport Beach, California. and by the end of 2012, the company had grown to 65 locations throughout 28 states.

 This Fleming's is located in Palo Alto in front of Macy's Men's store.

Fleming's is an upscale restaurant that specializes in steak and wine. Fleming’s has garnered respect and notoriety in the industry for being a leader in innovations, often the first to market with unique offerings in the upscale steakhouse segment including Fleming’s Small Plates, the now famous 5-6-7 which is a menu that offers 5 tempting appetizers, 5 premium cocktails and 5 distinctive wines by the glass — each priced at $6 and served 5 to 7pm 7 nights.  This is a very attractive deal and it does get a lot of people in their door.


View of the restaurant from Stanford shopping center.  This is the the back side of the restaurant.


More views of the outside of the restaurant.



Mom and son together!

This is the main entrance of the restaurant.

The main door to get in the restaurant.  You can't really tell in this picture but this door is really tall at least 10 feet.

As soon as you open the door there is a double door and this is like corridor with a heater on the wall.

The reception area in on the far right

View of the dinning room from the entrance.

On the left of the room is the bar.


The main dinning room and at the end of the picture is a huge open kitchen.

Here is a view of the kitchen.  Our table was fairly close to the kitchen and I could see how the steaks were cooked in their 1,600 degrees super hot broiler.

Close to our table they have a wooden table to store a bunch of wine bottles.



The cover of the menu

Fleming's offers the finest USDA Prime beef, available both wet- and dry-aged.  Their most expensive dry age steak cost $55 which I think is pretty reasonnable.


Appetizers and small plated menu

Candle light on our table

View of out table.


To select a wine they give their customer a WiNEPAD loaded with their award-winning custom iPad app that is intuitively designed to find the right wine.

Hoa is ordering by the glass and The Fleming's 100® is their award-winning collection of 100 wines by the glass. Each year, top-rated wines from around the world and exclusive, limited-allocation boutique wines are selected during an extensive 12-month tasting process.

Hoa selected a French wine but after tasting it not liking it he went with a California wine.  They have a special tonight where you buy 1 1/2 glass but you get two glasses.

Can't remember what Hoa selected but it was pretty good.

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