Flemings steakhouse, Palo Alto- 12/28/13

Tour of Fleming's The food


For appetizers we ordered a seared Ahi Tuna with fresh vegetable salad and  spicy mustard sauce  and a Pan crisped pork Belly with creamy goat cheese grits and sweet onion chutney.


Ahi Tuna with fresh vegetable salad and  spicy mustard sauce


We all enjoyed this dish!  The Tuna was fresh and seared to perfection.  The sauce was also excellent.


Pork Belly with creamy goat cheese grits and sweet onion chutney.

The pork was good but it was a bit fatty and I also would like it to be crunchier.  The creamy goat cheese grits was so good and I probably could eat the whole thing by myself!


Fleming's bread  is a parmesan sourdough with two flavored butters.  One was sun dried tomato and the other one is with blue cheese.  Both were delicious.

A waiter bringing out the food loaded on his arms.  I think he brought out 4 plates at the same time.  This is a table next to ours.



We ordered 2 Prime Bone-in Rib eye.  One for Kevin and Hoa and I we decided to share one.

Close look at the steak.  Noticed how the surface of the steak has a nice caramelized crust which means they used a very powerful broiler (1600 degrees).

More views of the steaks.

We ordered a side of French fries with our steaks.  Portions are on the generous side and one order of Fries was more than enough for the 3 of us.



Desserts menu

Chocolate lava cake



It is rich chocolate cake with a molten center of Belgian chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachios

We shared it between the 3 of us.  Kevin only eats ice cream so Hoa and I we ate everything else on the plate.

The cake was a bit overcooked as the center was barely gooey but never the less it was acceptable.


Our waitress for the evening was not very good.  She messed up so many times.  When we sat down and ordered our food she never check back and we ended up not having any bread and butter until our appetizers came out (about 15 to 20 minutes later).  Our coffee was served at least 10 minutes after our dessert and I asked her twice to bring out our coffee.

I enjoyed the food, the ambiance of the restaurant but service was not that great.  However I would come back again as it is reasonably priced and next time I hope to get better service.

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