Ink Restaurant, West Hollywood- 2/15/13

Ink Restaurant Sitting down The food Desserts/Coffee

Sitting Down

Jordan our server stop by to introduce himself and gave us info on how the menu is organized.

The Menu at Ink

The menu is very affordable ranging from $10 to $34 and is organized from light dishes (top) to heavier (bottom)


They brought out water in a glass jar with a "STILL" tag wrapped on top of the jar.


Me with Kristie and Kevin.


Hoa with Kevin and Kristie.


Open concept kitchen.  Michael is behind the lamp so you can only see him partially.


Hoa's cocktail: Gin Cardamari, Basil Beat-Shrub, Lemon, and sparkling Gamay


Hoa ordered a glass of red wine.


The dining room has 60 seats and 10 more in a private room.


The dining room is rather dark, stark, with minimalist decor but it is still inviting despite the pervasive gray palette through out the restaurant. 


The dining is purposely left pretty bare so there is nothing to talk about but to focus on the quality/presentation/taste of food and the attentive service.

Tall gray plantation shutters create a homey atmosphere while wood beams inject some warmth and solidity to the room.


Kristie and Kevin chatting while waiting for the food to arrive.


The bathroom is interesting and has a Zen and tranquil feeling. 


Interesting concept, pebbles inside the sink.

Next.. The food



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