Ink Restaurant, West Hollywood- 2/15/13

Ink Restaurant Sitting down The food


Coffee and dessert

We ordered coffee and Jordan came with a large glass container, he puts the filter on top, filled it with coffee and then proceed to pour water...


All of that work and they only charge $3 per cup!


Apple [$10.00] | crème caramel, burnt wood ice cream, walnut.

Beautiful presentation!  The white ball that you see on top is the burnt wood ice cream.  Michael put it in Nitrogen liquid so when you ready to eat, you need to tap it gently and the ice cream with break into pieces. 


This dessert is supposed to be a deconstructed apple pie but I did not taste a distinct apple flavor,  there were so many flavors and textures going on that I could not figure out what I was eating.  It seems too gimmicky to me!


Coffee is ready!

I like to eat dessert with a nice strong cup of coffee.


Flower [$11.00]

Nasturtium ice cream, hibiscus curd, sunflower seed mint moss, frosted leaves, elderflower ice

Looks like a piece of art on a plate!


Michael is so creative and he used ingredients that I am not familiar with such as Nasturtium, hibiscus, mint moss, and elderflower.

I did not know what I was eating here, nothing tasted familiar!  It was a weird dessert to me, it is not bad it was just too different than what I ever tasted.


The bill came into an envelope!  Very cute!


Group picture with Michael



I told our waiter I would love to have a picture with Michael!  After a few minutes Michael came out and met us at the entrance of the restaurant and he was more than happy to take a picture with all of us.

We chat for a few minutes and then I showed him the pictures I took while dining at the Dining room  and he said WOW those are the days when we made our own bread!

I thanked him for an excellent meal,  we shook hands and I bit him good night!


While walking to our car I took a few pictures of Ink.sack, a sandwich place just down the street from Ink.

Ink.sack belongs to Michael but they only served sandwiches.  It is a very popular place a lunch time with a variety of killer sandwiches at affordable price.



Chalk board in Ink.sack

Hoa and I we parked down the street but Kevin & Kristie used the valet parking!


Compare to the dining room (1 Michelin star) Ink is a lot more layback and friendlier.  The food at the Dining room was a lot more sophisticated, here at Ink the food is more down to earth, very affordable, each plate was a piece of art, and most important of all it was delectable.  Service is also top notch!  Can't ask for more when you go out to dinne.

What a great experience, we really enjoyed my meal here at Ink and hope to come back in the future with the whole group!

To find out about Ink log into their website:

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