La Foret Tasting Menu

The last time we had a meal at La ForÍt (Forest in French) was about 13 years ago.  Unfortunately I have to say that there is no trace in my mind about our dinning experience there!  The only thing I remember was that the restaurant was located about 10 to 15 minutes away from the main highway but it felt totally isolated in the middle of nowhere.  The road leading to the restaurant was narrow with barely any street lights and we drove in complete darkness most of time with only our car headlights to see what was ahead of us.  And then out of the darkness you can see bright lights ahead and as you turn the corner there it was ... La ForÍt standing alone in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by large oaks trees and mature trees.

 La ForÍt is a French restaurant housed in a beautiful building dated since 1848. The building used to be the Hacienda Hotel, the first hotel to provide miners a comfortable place to sleep and eat.  Click on LINK to read story of the building.

Front of the restaurant.


The entrance of the restaurant.


The porch leading to the main dining area.


The porch



As soon as you walk in the bar is on the left!  I know this is a historic building but everything inside was stale and needed to be renovated.

The only thing nice is that the restaurant has large windows overlooking a creek but other than that it felt pretty old.


Hala and I.


Mo and Hoa.

Tonight Mo and Hala are taking us out for dinner and at first Mo suggested Cin-Cin a tapas restaurant in Los Gatos and le Forte!.  I told Mo that we already went to Cin-Cin and it was just okay so we wanted to try Le Forte which we never heard of it before!

Turns out Mo meant La Foret instead of Le Forte!  Mo said that was his best try at speaking French! 

Hoa brought a bottle of silver oak for our dinner.

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