Naschmarkt, New Austrian Cuisine - 3/8/14

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Naschmarkt is the largest open air market in Vienna and it is dubbed by the locals as the “city’s stomach” because you find anything form exotic fruits, locally-grown vegetables and there are also many cafés, bars and restaurants so that you can eat after shopping at the market.
This is probably the only Austrian restaurant in the bay area and it makes sense to name it after such a place that everybody suppose to know if you are visiting Austria. I had never have Austrian food so this is will be my first and I am looking forward to discover a new cuisine.

Naschmarkt is a small restaurant and they converted their patio into sitting area.

View of the restaurant as soon as you walk in.

The Menu

We barely sat down and bread and butter was brought to our table.

The bread is nicely wrapped in a nice linen napkin..

Me, Hanh and Ha

View from of the bar from our table.

The restaurant was small and it was full of people.  Our Dinner reservation was really at 5:30PM because there was nothing else open.  I usually don't eat this early but the alternative is not have a reservation...

Tuan wanted us to try a bottle of Chateau Coucy, 2010 Montange Saint Emilion.

Our table is next to the kitchen and the bar so we saw all of the actions in the kitchen


We shared 3 appetizers so everyone get a chance to taste a variety of dishes.

Smoked Pork Bratwurst with braised sauerkraut, caramelized onion and Dijon mustard ($11)

This is an authentic Austrian dish and it was just okay.

Riesling Steamed Black Mussels with carrot and celeriac julienne, shallots, garlic, basil and grille3d garlic bread ($15)

Very good dish, the mussels were very tasty.


Pan seared Diver scallops with cauliflower puree, almond raisin pesto and crispy pancetta ($16)

I like this dish!  The scallops were cooked perfectly and I also enjoyed the cauliflower puree.


Here we are ...sharing the three appetizers.


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