Nopa, San Francisco -08/19/2017

Arrival-Cocktail Dinner
Tonight we are celebrating Ha's and Maily's birthday at Nopa in San Francisco. Nopa is a very popular restaurant and reservations are snapped up at lightning speed but Ha contacted them at least a month ahead and was able to secure a table for 12 people.

NoPa, which stands for North of the Panhandle (name of the park), specialize in organic wood-fired cuisine. They served simple food created with seasonal ingredients sourced from local purveyors. The menu is crafted around the availability of produce and therefore the menu is constantly changing.


The sign for Nopa is fairly small and you probably will miss it if you do not pay attention.

View of the restaurant as soon as you walk in. 

The interior is modern with stylish high ceiling, exposed beams trusses, casual seating with a warm and cozy vibe.

We got there early and since they will not sit us before 6:00PM, we gathered at the end of the bar next to the open kitchen.


Open kitchen with a rotisserie on the left and brick oven on the right.

On the counter, a bunch of dishes are ready to be picked up and deliver to the correct table.

One of the chef slicing a piece of smoked beef brisket (house made of course).

The rotisserie is really appealing with up to 18 chickens slowly turning.

If you look carefully you will see hamburgers on the grill and the luscious chicken fat dripping on top.

It is not even 6:00PM and the bar is already full!

The atmosphere here is very casual and relax.


We were told that we will be seated upstairs!  We will have a bird eye view of the restaurant for sure.


Huyen, Trung, and Hoa....


Tuan and Phuc waiting for their cocktail!


Standing next to open kitchen


Me, Huyen, Ha, and Hang.


Cocktail time.... Cheers!

Nice picture of Phuc and Huyen


Lively conversation....


View of the kitchen from up above.


Staffs and servers tasting and commenting about the food that will be served today. 

Because the menu changed everyday, they have to taste every single dish in order convey the message to their customers.

This picture was taken around 6:00PM so the place is fairly empty except for the bar.

At the end there is a large communal table that is already occupied by customers.


We left around 9:00Pm and the place is totally full!





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