The next day...Lunch at our house -7/3/11

Long's & Hong's wedding

The next day - Lunch


The next day we invited the family over for a quick lunch and then dinner.  The kids wanted to eat something fast and then they had to drive Fifi to the airport and they wanted to go shopping afterwards.

Thierry, Fifi, Kevin holding Keelan, and Alphonse.


Having a quick lunch in our backyard.



In was such a hot day so we had to sit in the shade.

In the evening...Dinner

Since we are having Hoa's sister and her family over for dinner we also invited a few of our friends....

Spencer, Tiffany and Ryan in the kitchen...

Huyen, Florianne, Thierry, Mai, Me, Hong, Hanh N. and Hanh P.  standing around the appetizers table.


Home made Blini, smoked salmon, crab cakes with asparegus vinaigrette sauce.

Kids and adults mingling in our backyard...

Good conversation? Looks like everyone is listening carefully to what Tuan has to say...

Grilled Calamari

Thierry trying out the calamari...

Alpphone asking if anybody is interested in fresh hot chili pepper to go with the food.

Anh Huy grilling the Asparagus.

Setting up the food..

Next.. Dinner



Our house


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