Long's & Hong's wedding- 7/2/11

Long's & Hong's wedding

The next day - Lunch


Long is Hoa Nephew and tonight we are going to his wedding!  The wedding is held at Joy Luck Restaurant in Cupertino.

The Gorgeous bride and the handsome groom!

Our family posing with Hong and Long.


Fifi is Long's sister coming from France for the wedding.

Alphonse (Hoa's nephew from France), Fifi and Hoa



Sitting at our table: Thierry, Mai (Hoa's sister), Me, Kevin, and Hoa.



Long and his mom!

The Bride's and Groom's table decorated with gorgeous flowers arrangement.



The wedding cake.

The center piece on each Table- simply gorgeous!

Mai holding her first grand kid.

The Menu

Guests sitting in the restaurant.

The MC introduce Mai as the mother of the groom.

Then the father and mother of the Bride...

The first bridesmaid and groomsman walking to the podium

Thierry, Mai's son from France attending his brother wedding as the groomsman.


Making introduction...


All the bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Mather of the bride, and Father and Mother of the Bride listening to the MC making a speech.


Father of the bride making a speech...


Florianne and Thierry (Daughter and father)


Mai surprised the bride and the groom by putting a slides show of Long's and Hong's.


Mai and her new daughter in law.

Hoa and his nephew Alphonse.

Next.. The next day, lunch at our house



Our house


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