Dinner with Mai & Thierry at Teleferic Barcelona -12/22/2021

Dinner with Chi Be and Cang Dinner with Mai and Thierry


We took Chi Be and Cang  here a month ago and they enjoyed it so much so we are now taking Mai and hope they will enjoy the food as much as the sisters did.

The entrance of the restaurant.


Hoa is starting with an old fashion.

You can really see it but they incorporate smoke inside the glass for a wow effect.


One of Hoa's favorite cocktail.


Thierry ordered a Sangria Teleferic.

Red wine, Gin, Brandy, berries, cinnamon and mint.


The Sangria is so good.  I will order it next time I am back here.




Mai and I we did not order a cocktail so we are drinking red wine.


We have been here so many times that Jeff, our server remember us.




Our reservation was on a week day and the restaurant is filled with people.

Thierry and Hoa very happy with their cocktail!




Basically, we ordered pretty much the same dishes as the last time but I did not take pictures of all the dishes.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota on the left and crab croquetta on the right.


Close look at the crab croquetas with tuna sashimi on top and spicy aioli.


Corte Iberico: Grilled Hanger steak, demi-glace and Spanish gnocchi


Gambas al ajillo: Gulf shrimp, lemon zest served with crispy garlic bread.


El Secreto Iberico: Acprm fed Iberian pork, shitake mushrooms, Gulf shrimp, lemon zest served with crispy garlic bread.


Churros with Nutella: Barcelona street fried dough filled with Nutella



Torrija: French toast, Catalan cream, banana, and Vanilla Ice cream


Another very enjoyable meal with Mai and Thierry!  They love the food here and enjoyed every single dishes.




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