Kevin's 16th Birthday -10/10/09

The set-up




The birthday cake



Now that all the appetizers are served, I can finally sit down and mingle a bit with all the guests!

Most of the guests are here and it is time to party!

Ryan, Michele, Kevin and Justin finishing their appetizers!

Jokes were told and it looks like Tuan, Hanh and Chi Tan are having a good time!

The ladies conversing...

Kevin, Stephanie and Justin

Vinh and Anh Hung into a deep conversation....

Kevin Vu finally arrived and joined the kids.  Kevin Vu is now in college and he made sure to be at the party for Kevin.

In the background all the men are gathered together and all the ladies are sitting down and chatting away...

Mai-Chi, Khanh, and Tiffany

Huyen, Doan, Chi Thao, and Chi Tan enjoying a glass of wine.


Ha, Lan Huong, and Hanh 

Phuong and Maily


Hoa is opening a bottle of Champagne to toast Kevin's BD!  Here Hoa and I made a little speech to thank everyone for coming to the party.

We told how lucky and fortunate Kevin is to have so many people showing up for his birthday party!  Lan Huong and Vinh drove 6 hours from L.A. to be at this party and Bac Huy took a day off to be part of an important day in Kevin's life.



 I made a little announcement that beside Kevin's birthday there is also a surprise wedding arrangement which was a joke but it made everyone laugh!

Thuy and Justin

The Nguyen's family and Kevin

The kids goofing off while waiting for dinner to be served!

Next... Dinner



Our house


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