Kevin's 16th Birthday -10/10/09

The set-up Guests/Appetizers Mingling Dinner The birthday cake

The cake

Time to blow the candles!

It is time to sing Happy birthday!  Kids are gathered around the dessert table!

We have a Tiramisu cake, and an assorted cheese cake

Sabayon with Fresh berries made by Hanh N.

The birthday cake (Tiramisu cake)

I baked a tray of  CannelÚs de Bordeaux, Tigers Tea cakes, Madeleines, and raspberry tartlets

View of the desserts table

Ready to sing Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kevin, happy birthday to you!


Time to blow the candles and Khoi is helping, that is just too cute!

Time to dig in and try out all of these goodies!

Have a great birthday Kevin!


A year later...Kevin's 17th Birthday




Our house


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 Mon  petit coin