Kevin's 16th Birthday -10/10/09

The set-up




The birthday cake

Dinner Time!

While the guests are mingling, we are preparing to serve dinner.

Preparing to fill hot food into the chafers.

Hanh and Lan Huong cutting the bread and also having lots of fun..

Preparing to sear peppered tuna.  In the back ground you can also see a plate of sautéed potatoes in light cream

In the middle is a large pot of Chicken and spareribs stew

Rice O'roni with shitake mushrooms, next is chicken scampi with Penne from Vito's restaurant.

A large bowl of mixed salad with honey vinaigrette.

The best home made ratatouille.  The ratatouille is very flavorful and very tasty.  This is the only vegetable dish that Kevin really loves.

Grilled flank steak!  Chu Cu did a fantastic job.  The meat was perfectly cooked!

The kids were the first to help themselves with the food!

After the kids were done helping themselves with the food  it is the adults turn to have dinner.

Looks like the kids are enjoying their meal!


The ingredients for a good party are very simple: good food, good wine, good company and lots of laughter! 

Heaters were set so we could sit comfortably outside.



I guess even with the heaters on, sitting inside was more comfortable!


Surprise. surprise!   Tina drove from San Francisco to be with Kevin.  Everyone were so happy to see Tina!

Next... the cake



Our house


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