Kevin's'16th Birthday -10/10/09

The set-up




The birthday cake


The set up

I can't believe that Kevin is turning 16!  Where did the time go? It seems to me that Kevin's 5th birthday was like yesterday!   Time is flying by so fast and pretty soon Hoa and I we will have an empty nest by next year.  Needless to say we are not really looking forward to it.  We decided to throw a big birthday for Kevin because by the time he will turn 18th, he will be gone to college and therefore his 16th birthday is the last big birthday with friends and family.

 We are so lucky that the weather is perfect for an outdoor birthday party.  Tables, chairs, napkins, silverware, flatware, etc...are set up to accommodate about 45 guests for a sit down dinner.

Finishing the set up for adults table!


Flowers are arranged...

Dinner plates and silverware are set and ready to be used.

This is still a work in progress!

Wine table and in the far end the appetizers table.



Same here, a work still in progress for the main Buffet table.

The evening get darks pretty early (around 7ish) so candlelight are a necessity.


Dinning area for the kids.


Birthday banner hanging on the door.

Finishing the last details on the table and resting a bit before the arrival of the guests.

Next... Guests/Appetizers



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