Kevin's 16th Birthday -10/10/09

The set-up




The birthday cake

The guests/Appetizers

Hanh and Lan Huong arrived really early to help me out.

Doan, Tuan, Maily and chi Tan were the next guests to arrive.

Our guests gathering around the appetizers table.

Maily, Chi Tan and Doan enjoying a glass of wine...

More guests gathering around the appetizers table.


Tiffany, Khanh, and Mai-Chi sampling a chicken sate skewer.



Justin and Michele...


Chi Tan, Hanh and I

Chu Cu was a life saver...He volunteered to grill all the meat (chicken Sate, beef tongue, and flank steak) for Hoa.


Fried calamari just arrived and the kids are rushing to get some...

I ordered a large tray of  fried calamari and I think the kids ate most it, only a few adults were able to get some!

I also served crab cakes with a mayonnaise dill and lemon zest sauce.  The crab cakes disappeared as soon as I served them.  I will definitely make them again since they were very tasty and so popular.

Lump crab meat on Endives leaves.

 Chu Cu spent a least a good 20 minutes to BBQ all the chicken sate but it is really worth the effort because they were still piping hot and so tasty!

Next... Mingling



Our house


Photo Gallery

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