Kevin's 17th Birthday -10/09/09

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The set up

Well, I have to say with a bit of sadness that this is the last time I can throw a birthday party celebration at home for Kevin!   Next year he will be in college and he probably will not be able to go home for his birthday.   For the first time in years, we are having a lot more adults than kids at the party.  I usually have to set up at least 2 tables for the kids but this year 1 table will suffice because there are only about 10 kids (usually there are at least 20 kids).  Most of the kids are now in college and simply can't go home for this party!    

Tonight, I am expecting about 36 guests and since I can not fit everyone for a sit down dinner around my dinning table, we had to set up tables and chairs in our backyard for a sit down dinner.

Finishing the set up..  Needs to add a few candles and it should be done.

This is still a work in progress! Overview of the dinning area for adults. 

Wine table...I think by the end of the evening we consumed more than 10 bottles of wine.

The appetizers table... work in progress.

Plates, silverware and flowers are set up...

This is the table for the kids.  Usually, this area is full of tables and chairs but tonight only 1 table will suffice.  

Leonardo, our helper for the evening is setting up a few chafing dishes to keep the food warm. Actually he did a very good job cleaning up after us.

Hoa set up a few Tiki torches to light up our backyard,  they are absolutely a must.  I really like Tiki torches because they create a festive mood.

Flowers arrangement used as center piece.

Colorful harvest bouquet arrangement. 

More flowers arrangements...

Close up view of a table set up.

Okay so now the set up it done...all we need is for our guests to show up! 

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