Kevin's' 17th Birthday -10/09/09

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Revisiting Kevin's birthday back in time!

since this is going to be the last birthday at home for a long time to come, lets recap  Kevin's birthday from 1999 to 2010. The kids have changed so much from little kids to young adults. 

These pictures bring so many memories!  It seems like it was yesterday that they were little kids and now 11 years later, most of the kids in the pictures are in college and a few of them are going to graduate next year! 

6th birthday in Seattle- 1999.  He was a bit shy here when the waiter came to lid up his candle.


7th Birthday-2000, in our house in Santa Clara

from the left: Justin, Kevin Vu, Calvin, Kevin, Jason (partially covered), Tiffany and Rachel.

Grand Ma was also there.

8th Birthday - 2001

from Left: Justin, Mai-Chi, Kevin, Calvin, Khang, and Vu

second row from left: Timothy, Aaron, Lea, Ludo, Tiffany and Thai

9th Birthday-2002

Khang, Vu, Kevin, Mai-Chi and Tiffany

10th Birthday- 2003

1st row: Khang, Justin, Kevin, Mai-Chi, Rachel, and Jason

2nd row: Vu,  Ludo, Kevin Vu, Thai, Tung, Tiffany, Lea, Khoi, a baby here.

11th Birthday-2004 - So many kids in picture and they are so little.

12th Birthday-2005-This was just a casual dinner party!

Justin Ngo, Jason, and Ryan


13th Birtday-2006

Again lots of kids and you can see that they are bit older!

Kevin did not have a birthday party for his 14th and 15tht birthday!

16th Birthday-2009

Eric, Kevin, Ryan, Michelle, Justin (partially covered), Jason, and Khoi

The kids are no longer kids, they are all grown now.


17th Birthday-2010 - The last one until he returns back in college (another 8 years at least!).


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