Kevins' 17th Birthday -10/09/09

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The appetizers are all gone and it is now time to serve dinner! 

Bui just finished grilling the flank steaks and it is now time to grill the lamb kebabs.  While the lamb is grilling the steaks are going in the kitchen to be cut up.

In the kitchen, Co Dung and Leonardo are cutting up the flank steak into thin slices and then platting them up.  As soon as it is done, Dinner will be served. .

Half of the lamb is ready, Bui is still grilling another batch but in the mean time we can start dinner!

Rice O'roni, Ratatouille and Civet de Canard (Duck's stew).

Grilled flank steaks marinated with soy sauce, honey, oyster sauce, sugar and a bit of coffee.

Morrocan grilled Lamb Kebabs. This is only halfa  batch, Bui is still grilling the remaining batch.

Maily gave me the recipe and I really like it.  The way the meat is marinated the scent of the lamb is really tone down which made it easier for people who can not eat lamb.

Close view of the Rice O'roni, made from scratch.

Dinner is served! 

Ha, Huyen, Bo and Loan are the first to be standing in line for the food.

Hanh and Loan


The kids getting their turn.

Nicky and Spencer

Kevin taking his turn...

Lan Anh, Kevin, Hanh and Phuc...

Loan, Chi Mui, and Mai Chi

Big smile from Mai Chi


The kids enjoying their meal.

Ha, Trung, Minh, Phuc and Maily sitting down for dinner.


Beautiful Carol arrived just in time for Dinner!

The kids...

Tuan must be telling something funny here... All eyes are on him.

 Carol, Justin and Hanh.

Dung, Loan, Chi Mui, and Maily.

 Bui finally can sit down and enjoy the food!

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