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Civet de Canard - Braised duck in red wine - 10/09

Civet de Canard is basically duck legs or whole duck slow cooked in red wine and vegetables.  This is sort of a cousin of the "Coq au vin" where the meat is cooked in wine.  After simmering the wine for a while, it becomes a succulent sauce that is tasty and satisfying to eat.  This dish is perfect to serve when the weather is getting colder, gathering around the table for a hot and tasty meal.  This dish is also a good dish to prepare when you have a large party because you can prepare ahead of time and all you have to do is re-heat it when you are ready to serve it.  You can also cook this dish in a crock pot and forget about it until it is done.

I served this dish with spaghetti and garlic.  The spaghetti soaked up the sauce and gave it a real good flavor or you can serve it with bread or white rice.



Shitake mushrooms is also a good addition to this dish but I just did not have any when I was cooking.

Close look at the civet!


Preparation work..

The duck is seasoned with salt and pepper

Marinating the duck with red wine, carrots, celery, thyme, orange peel overnight or at least for 4 hours.

After marinating the duck overnight, the duck meat is removed from the pan and it is pad dry.

Searing the duck until it is brown and then it is set aside. 


Next the marinated vegetables are removed from the marinated pot and then sautéed for a few minutes.


all liquids are absorbed and the vegetables are lightly caramelized.


The vegetables are poured back on the pot and brought to a boil.


Next, the duck is added to the pot.

The pot is left to a simmering for about 1hour and 30 minutes.

After 90 minutes of simmering, the sauce has thicken, and the duck is now cooked.  If the sauce is still runny you can add beurre manié (butter mixed with flour) to thicken the sauce.  Taste the sauce and readjust the seasoning and voila it is ready to be served.

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