Kevin's 17th Birthday -10/09/09

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The Appetizers..

 I requested our guests to show up at 6:30PM so we can enjoy the appetizers while there is still daylight!  I have to take in consideration that in the fall the sun goes down fairly early and around 7ish it is pretty dark!   Our lights in the backyard are too dim so I have to use candles on each table, Tiki Torches and floor lamp to have the proper lighting.  We really lucked out this year with the weather!  In the day the temperature was about 90 degrees and in the evening the temperature dropped to about 55 to 60 degrees which is pretty nice!  All we needed was a light sweater to be comfortable.  We had a few heaters but we did not even need to bring them out for this evening.

Most of our guests did show up at exactly 6:30PM..... Lets start with the appetizers!

Home made Salmon gravlax served with blini, crème fraîche, and  red caviar. 


Roasted duck Quesadillas

I came up with this dish while eating at Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay).  Bobby Flay has a dish on their menu that is pretty popular called blue corn Pancake with barbecued Duck.  I did not really care for the dish but it gave me an idea with using Chinese Roast Duck and Kevin also loves Roast Duck!  I replaced the blue corn pancake with tortilla, stuffed with cheese and shredded roasted duck.  The dish turned out to be a hit.  The duck gives it a really nice flavor. 


  Pan seared figs with prosciutto is a  very light dish,  I love the sweetness of the figs against the saltiness of the prosciutto with a  drizzle of  balsamic reduction mixed with olive oil on top.

I love Figs and I wanted to serve this dish for the party but I was worried that the season was over but I was so glad to see that they still have them at the store! 


Chi Mui brought a cured duck breast- All I did was searing the Duck breast and then cut them thinly.  You can serve it cold but I rather serve it hot.

Chi Mui alsos brought a Pâté.

Fresh and warm baguettes are cut to go with the Pâté.


 Vichyssoise in shooting glass paired with Prosciutto Asparagus spirals.

I am purposely serving in small quantity so people do not get bored with eating the same dish.  One shot is enough to enjoy the taste of Vichyssoise and it is better to let your guests still wanting more...

Close look at the Prosciutto Asparagus spirals.


 Rich and creamy polenta topped with pan seared scallops and served in individual spoon.

These are all the appetizers I served for the evening... Lets move to the guests!


The Guests

Loan and Chi Mui

Hanh, Ky (Bui's sister), Loan and Chi Mui.


Jokes are told and looks like Trung is having a very good time with our guests.

Kevin surrounded by Mai-Chi, Khang, Nicky and Bo.  This is are pretty much the "older kids" for the evening.


Tuan checking out the appetizers under Khoi's eyes.

Candlelight sure create a nice ambiance!

Chi Mui, Hanh and Loan.

Minh, Huyen, Tuan and Tuan N. enjoying a glass of wine with the appetizers.  Looks like all the plates are empty here (it's a good sign!)

My friend Lan Anh (we known each other for a good 20 years) and Phuc.

Lanh Anh and Phuc used to work in the same environment a long time ago!

Bui volunteered to grill all of the meat for me!  


Rocky, our new dogs playing around the kids. 

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