Kevin's' 17th Birthday -10/09/09

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Happy birthday!

Time to sing Happy Birthday!

Here I am lighting 17 candles for Kevin's 17th birthday.

Maily baked this cake specially for Kevin.  The cake is a replica of a record.  

Cheese cake assortment, Tiramisu, Birthday cake and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Gathering all the kids to sing Happy birthday to Kevin..


Kevin pretending to be conductor while we are singing happy birthday!

First row: Khoi, Didier, and Mathew

Second row: Eric, Kevin, Bo, Mai-Chi

3rd row: Nicky, Spencer and Khang

Happy Birthday!

Time to blow the candles.

Kevin asked all the little kids to help him blow to candles.

Almost there... a few more puffs to put out the flames.

The kids laughing after the candles are blown!

Close up view of the cake that Maily baked.

Close view of the dipped strawberries.

Hanh brought a large plate of fruits.  Looks so yummy and refreshing.

Setting up coffee and Tea....

Coffee is served!

While the ladies are chatting away, the men got together for a game of Texas hold'm


The party lasted until 12:30PM!

Happy Birthday Kevin!


Next... Revisiting all of Kevin's birthday!



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