Zhujiajiao, Shanghai -5/6/2023

Zhujiajiao Ancient town Bei Dajie street Kezhi garden

Zhujiajiao Water Town is located 29 mile from Shanghai and accessible by subway.  Zhujiajiao is dubbed as the Venice of Shanghai because of the numerous water canals and the narrow cobbles streets.  Formed 1,700 years ago, Zhujiajiao was an important trading hub for the surrounding countryside, and many of the buildings that can be seen there today date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Traditionally, goods and people were ferried on the small canals from house to house, passing under the 36 ancient stone bridges that are all still in use by locals and tourists alike.

Once you get off the subway the town is about 1.5 mile away so we took a Pedi cab to get there.


We are now entering the ancient town of Zhujiajiao.


One of the many canals flowing peacefully across the town.


View of the canal and the two banks from the top of one of the many bridges in Zhujiajiao.


Most of the houses along the river are converted into restaurants or shops.






Dianpu River with lots of gondolas waiting for tourists to board.


Nice view of the river.


Yuanjin Buddhist temple also known as Temple of Goddess. 


Main shrine with a large gold statue of Guanyin Boddisatva (Goddess)


The temple height makes it visible from afar.


View of the river and in the distance you can see the Fangsheng Bridge.


Tourist gondolas.


Fangsheng Bridge is the most famous landmark in Zhujiajiao.  It is the largest stone arch bridge in Shanghai.


The bridge was built in the 1812 and measuring about 229 ft. long, 19 ft. high,  and is the longest bridge in Zhujiajiao.


Fangsheng means release animals in Chinese. Local people believe releasing animals means you are merciful to animals and Buddha will also be merciful to you.


The bridge has 5 arches.



There are a total of 36 bridges in Zhujiajiao with great view of the river.


We are on one of the many bridges here.


The view of the river is so beautiful and peaceful .


I understand why it is called the Venice of Shanghai


Panoramic view of the Dianpu River


A typical stone bridge in Zhujiajiao.


Another stone bridge


One of the many canals in Zhujiajiao.


This canal is fairly arrow.


A restaurant on the bank of the canal.


We found this beautiful coffee shop.


Restaurants with outdoor seating.


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