Christmas Day -12/25/10

Opening gifts Christmas decorations Dinner with the Berger's

Dinner with the Berger's

Everyone is here and it is time to sit down for dinner!

Nancy, Jason holding Sam, Kim, Elicia, Me and Kevin


This the first time that I have the whole family over for a Christmas dinner. 


Sitting down for Dinner!



The amuse bouches

Tonight I am serving two amuse bouches, recipe from the French Laundry.

White Truffle oil-Infused Custard with Black truffle Ragout (Recipe from the French Laundry)

Click on link to see preparation of this dish


The second amuse bouche is a salmon tartar cornet.   A the French Laundry they rolled the dough like a cornet but I opted to curve the dough like a taco.  They are extremely difficult to shape because you have to shape them when they are extremely hot, as soon as they cooled down they become very brittle. 

This is a really amazing amuse bouche!  the dough is crunchy, rich and pairing it with crème fraiche and smoked salmon was simply great.

Click on link to see preparation of this dish


First course: Pan Seared Foie Gras with Blueberries and balsamic reduction sauce.


Foie gras is usually served around the Holidays and this is Kevin's favorite dish.  I served it with blueberries sautéed in butter and a bit of brown sugar.

The foie gras was so good and the balsamic reduction sauce goes perfectly with the blueberries and the Foie gras.  This is a real treat!

Click on link to see Foie Gras preparation


Second course: Scallops and Shrimps gratinée with mashed celery root in celery emulsion

I love this dish!  It is light and it is packed with flavors!  The scallops and shrimps were sweet and succulent.  The gratinée (panko sautéed in butter) adds another layer of texture to the dish.

Click on link to see preparation of this dish


Third course: Pan Seared Duck breast with peppercorn sauce &  Duck confit with shitake mushrooms and potatoes sautéed with onions.



Duck confit is one of my favorite dish!  I like the crunchiness of the skin and the meat just melt away.  I paired the duck confit with pan seared Duck breast with green peppercorn sauce and served it with shitake mushrooms in cream and sautéed potatoes with caramelized potatoes

click on link to see duck confit preparation

Click on link to see pan seared duck breast preparation


Forth course: Desserts

1st Dessert: Molten Chocolate cake

Molten chocolate cake served with Raspberry sauce

Click on link to see preparation of the dish


2nd Dessert: Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a very light dessert.. I really enjoy the coffee, and liquor (rum and brandy) flavor in the dessert.

Close look at the tiramisu!

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Gifts are opened... everyone is happy!

Hoa taking pictures of Uncle Larry taking a picture!  :-)

Happy Holidays!



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