2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1
Dinner a L'epi Curieux

Day 2

Lunch at Alex & Lea's house

Le Mans Cathedral

Le Mans Cathedral continuation

Cité Plantagenêt

2 Days in Le Mans, France-6/31/2022 to 6/1/2022

Day 2-Le Mans Cathedral continuation -6/1/2022

The sacristy


One of the many chapels inside the Cathedral.


Chapel of the Virgin Mary


Vaulted ceiling.


 Ceiling with forty seven angel musicians are depicted, which date from the 14th century.


Close view of one of angel painted on the ceiling.


View of the Chapel of the Virgin Mary from the gate.


The ceiling had been covered over and were only rediscovered in 1842.


Tall columns


Wood carving statue of St. Joseph.


View of the North elevation of the choir from the south aisle showing the triforium and clerestory windows.



This area is filled with tombs and also the cenotaph of Saint Julien.


Tomb of Charles I, count of Maine is the work of the Italian Sculptor Francesco Laurana was erected in 1472.


Tomb of Bishop Jean-Baptiste Bouvier, 1783-1854, with sculpture of the visit to his deathbed by Pope Pius IX.


We are now exiting the cathedral. 

View of the south Gothic portal with the tympanum features the Majestas Domini (Christ in a mandorla surrounded by the four Evangelist symbols), over the twelve evangelists on the lintel.


Stylistically and in its overall design, this portal is closely related to the Portail Royale at Chartres Cathedral and the west facade at the Abbey Church of St Denis, which it is roughly contemporary.  The doorposts feature St Peter and St Paul (as at Moissac), flanked by eight Old Testament figures on the jamb columns, carved in the hieratic Early Gothic style found at Laon, Chartres (west facade) and in the south portal at Bourges. The archivolts are carved with scenes from the Life of Christ, some of which are squeezed rather awkwardly into the cut-down voussoirs, suggesting they may have originally been intended for a different doorway, or else that the design was changed during construction.


Courtyard on the south side entrance.


We are now headed to the Old town.



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