2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1
Dinner a L'epi Curieux

Day 2

Lunch at Alex & Lea's house

Le Mans Cathedral

Le Mans Cathedral continuation

Cité Plantagenêt

2 Days in Le Mans, France-6/31/2022 to 6/1/2022

Day 2-Cité Plantagenêt--6/1/2022

 More than a quarter of a million people head to the small city of Le Mans in the department of Sarthe, Pays de La Loire each June for the epic Le Mans 24 Hours, one of the most famous car races in the world. The majority of them watch the race, enjoy the local cuisine and the friendly bars and leave. 

Beside the famous car race Le Mans is also as Cité Plantagenêt (The the Plantagenet City), a medieval area of about 50 acres of cobbled streets with one of the most extensive preserved old quarters in France. In the Middle Ages Le Mans was hugely important, and vital in the never-ending battles between the French and the English over who ruled France.

From the Cathedral we are walking into the old town.


Cobbles stone streets with narrow streets.


View from Rue des Chanoines to the town below.


We are on Rue des Chanoines.


Rue de La Pierre de Tuce


Cobbled streets of the old medieval Center comprise of a hundred blue, green, and res half timbered houses.


Beautiful half timbered houses in the old town.


Most of the old town is mainly pedestrianized so it really nice to walk around.


The district also has many private mansions and merchants houses carved from stone with decorated porticos and gateways.


A steak house with a written sign saying: " In here people to not get fat, the house guarantee just nice shapes"


The cobbled stones street in Le Mans are very charming.


The old town is very quaint and picturesque.




Chapelle de la Visitation, sitting in the newer side of town, located on a now pedestrian square.


Chapel de la Visitation view from Rue de la Republique.


Statue of the Saint Scholastica, Patroness of the city.  Tribute of recognition August 6, 1944


Coffee shops on rue the de Republique.


LCL bank on rue de la Republique.


A Merry go round at Place de la Republique


Square of the Republique is filled with shops and people walking around.


View of the Cathedral Le mans from place de la Republique.



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