2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Coffee shops/Pere La Chaise/Lunch

Centre Pompidou
Dinner au Pasage
Stroll in Paris

Family get together
Old town
Troyes Cathedral

Jardin des plantes
Lunch in the old town
Lake Orient
Paris Landmarks

Church La Madeleine
Dinner at Caillebotte
Eiffel Tower

Jardins du Trocadero
Walking around/Lunch
Church of Saint Gervais
Dinner at Frenchie

Paris, France-6/2/2022 to 6/8/2022

Coffee shops in Paris-6/3/2022

When we are in Paris we usually rent an apartment close to les Champs Elysee but this time I wanted to try another area, so we rented an apartment in Le Marais.  Le Marais is a historic district.  Home to many buildings of historic and architectural importance. It spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris on the Rive Droite, or Right Bank, of the Seine. After a long period of decay the district has undergone a transformation in recent years and now once again among the more fashionable areas of the city.

Coffee shops in le Marais.


Another one just at the corner of our apartment.


Le Cirque, Cafe restaurant in the 4th Arrondissement.


Cafe La Station Rambuteau on rue Beaubourg in the 4th arrondissement.



Cafe Charlot on rue de Bretagne in the 3rd arrondissement.


Bar le Roi de Pique on rue due Temple in the 3rd arrondissement.


It was a nice day so people are enjoying sitting outside.


People enjoying a drink while watching people passing by....

Père La chaise

Stopping at Père La Chaise to see my mom.

Père La Chaise is the largest cemetery in Paris and it is very famous because of notable figures are buried here.

The cemetery is so large and has many entrance. This one is in the back and the closest where my mom is buried.


Entering the cemetery.


Père Lachaise is located in the 20th arrondissement and was the first garden cemetery, as well as the first municipal cemetery in Paris.


The cemetery of Père Lachaise opened in 1804 and takes its name from the confessor to Louis XIV, Père François de la Chaise (1624–1709), who lived in the Jesuit house rebuilt during 1682 on the site of the chapel.


Monument to Czechoslovakian soldiers was dedicated on 19 December 1934. It was designed by architect Josef Gocár, with a bronze sculpture by Karel Dvorak.

Dedication on the granite base in Czech on top and in French at the bottom: The Czechoslovak nation, in memory of her sons who fell gloriously on French soil in the Great War 1914 – 1918, for France and for the freedom of their homeland..


On the left is a memorial of the Garibladinas of Argonne. The monument interprets the model of the pietà: a Garibaldian, undressed, has his head resting on the knees of a Marianne, symbol of France with her Phrygian cap. Full of tenderness, she makes a gesture of affection in front of this Garibaldian representative, who died in her arms in defense of French soil.

On the right is a memorial to the Belgian soldiers who died in France from 1914-1918.


The crematorium.  My mom is resting in the crematorium on the lower floor.


A chance to say Hi to my mom.



Next, we went to visit Den, Hoa's younger brother who passed away last year.


This is the first time we had a chance to stop by his final resting place.


Lunch at Bangkok 63

Bangkok 63 restaurant belongs to Hoa's younger sister so we are stopping to have lunch and also to visit her.


Kadam, Aurelie, Cang, Thuy, Marie, Hoa, and I.

It has been a long time I have not seen Thuy and her family.


Family get together.  Thuy and Marie in the kitchen.


Menu on the left.  Thai Green kitchen curry.


Starter plate with Thai sausage with lemon grass, fried shrimps, Beef skewer,  samosa, and fried spring rolls.


Grilled beef with rice


Pad Thai


Sautéed eggplant with pork and basil.



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Our house


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