2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

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2 Days in Troyes, France-6/5/2022 to 6/6/2022

 Day  2-Troyes Cathedral-6/6/2022

Troyes Cathedral also known as St. Peter's and St. Paul's Cathedral is a Catholic church located in the town of Troyes.  The Cathedral has been listed as Historic monument since 1862.

Troyes Cathedral is one of the great Gothic cathedrals of Central France. 

The current structure was largely completed in the 13th century, though elements date from nearly 400 years later.  Technically, one of the bell towers is incomplete and the church remains unfinished.  Despite the missing bell tower, and a missing steeple that was destroyed and never rebuilt, the church exterior is impressive and features a magnificent façade which was completed in the 16th century at the height of the Renaissance.

The Cathedral is currently under renovation and you can see scaffolding on the right.

The west front of the cathedral, with the three portals which serve as main entrances, was almost entirely redone beginning in 1507 in the Flamboyant style by master builder Martin Chambiges. 


The elaborate facade of the Cathedral dates back to the earliest beginnings of the sixteenth century.


The main portal.


Tall vaulted ceiling.


Classic rib-vault ceiling inside the Cathedral


The entrance flanked by St. Peter and St. Paul sculptures.


Close look at the sculptures


The Main Nave.


The nave, where ordinary worshippers were seated, is covered by seven traverses of vaults, extending as far as the transept. 


Stained glass windows in the nave.


Vaulted ceiling of the Nave.


Like most major cathedrals in France, Troyes is famous for its stunning stained glass, including a traditional 16th century French Rose window on the right.


The nave has a wide variety of stained glass windows from different periods and styles.


Apostles stained glass window


Close look at the Apostles stained glass panels.


Main altar, altarpiece, tabernacle, monstrance from Ville sur Arce, Aube from half of the 18th Century.


Altarpiece is adorned with its cannons (liturgy texts), a chalice and its paten, cruets and a missal.


Clothing for the priest when he celebrates mass.


Copes for the greetings of the blessed Sacrament and a dalmatic, liturgical clothed for deacons.


In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, buildings carried great narrative themes, on the exterior by sculpture and on the interior by Stained glass windows and wall painting.


Troyes Cathedral has about 180 magnificent stained glass panels.


Vaulted ceiling in the ambulatory.


Chapel of the Virgin with stained glass windows dating from 1200-1230



On the Alar The Virgin Mary and Child depicted in a white marble statue.


The Grand Organ made in 1730 is located on top of the great portal.


Close up view of the organ.


Confession area with a confessional on the left (red curtain).


On the wall is a marble plaque dedicated to soldiers that died during the great war.


A chapel with the Virgin Mary.


We are now exiting the Cathedral.


Renovation of the South Bell tower of the Cathedral will take about 18 months from 2021 to October 2022.


The North bell tower was finished in 1634 and is built in a more classical Renaissance style.


A 20th-century inscription at the base of the tower records that In July 1429, Joan of Arc escorted the Dauphin to Mass in the cathedral en route to proclaiming him Charles VII of France at Reims Cathedral, in contravention of the recently signed Treaty of Troyes.



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