2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Day 1
Dinner a L'epi Curieux

Day 2

Lunch at Alex & Lea's house

Le Mans Cathedral

Le Mans Cathedral continuation

Cité Plantagenêt

2 Days in Le Mans, France-6/31/2022 to 6/1/2022

Day 2-Le Mans Cathedral-6/1/2022

Le Mans Cathedral is a catholic church dedicated to Saint Julian of Le Mans, the city's first bishop, who established Christianity in the area around the beginning of the 4th century.  The current cathedral was built gradually over the course of the 11th through 15th centuries. Among the many highlights in the Cathedral is the stained glass window of the Ascension, dating from the early 12 th century, and is the oldest stained glass window in its original setting in all of France, and perhaps even in all the world. Another highlight is the vaulted ceiling of the Chapel of the Virgin Mary. Forty-seven angel musicians are depicted. The paintings, which date from the 14th century, had been covered over and were only rediscovered in 1842.

The Le Mans Cathedral seen from the southeast side on Place des Hugenots.


View of the cathedral with the spectacular bifurcating flying buttresses that looks like an unusually dense forest of masonry, owing to their unique bifurcating design. Each of the sloping flyers splits in two, presenting a 'Y'-shape in a bird's-eye view, with each arm engaging on a separate upright buttress.


We are headed toward the Cathedral via Place des Hugenots.


Stairs leading to the cathedral.


This is the South entrance of the Cathedral.



Gothic portal from 1150 sheltered by a substantial porch which would have provided shelter for ceremonies and processions entering or leaving the cathedral. 


On the left is the entrance to the cathedral and on the right is the nave.


Stained window glass seen from the transept.


More stained glass windows.


The original organ was built in the 1520's at the request of the Cardinal of Luxemburg.


The restored tribune organ of Le Mans Cathedral was inaugurated on 24 May 2018 in the presence of Nicolas Quillet, Prefect of the Sarthe, Yves le Saux Bishop of Le Mans and Christine Poupineau, Vice-President of Le Mans Métropole in charge of housing. This project has been scientifically, technically and fully funded by the State to the tune of €900,000


Ambulatory next to the Nave.


The nave at Le Mans retains around 20 stained glass windows from Bishop Guillaume's mid-12th century rebuilding, though all but one have been moved from their original locations and all were very heavily restored in the 19th century.


The nave has three stories.


Hanging statue of Christ on the cross, Le Christ aux bras ouverts (Christ with open arms), 2013, by Goudji, French sculptor born 1941.

Commissioned by the diocese of Le Mans, blessed and opened on 10/23/2013 in the choir of the Cathedral.  Christ is dressed in a tunic as a high priest of the temple of Jerusalem uniting Christians and Israelites.


Chapel with a large portrait oil on canvas on Christ on the cross.


Rose stained glass window up above dating from 1441-1442.


A gallery next to the main altar.



Ambulatory leading to the  great western window dates from around 1155.


The Ascension window, towards the western end of the south aisle of the nave, has been dated to 1120, making it one of the oldest extant stained glass windows in France




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