White Elephant gift exchange party- 12/27/2015

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Gift Exchange

This is my 3rd year hosting a white elephant gift exchange.  We have so much fun so this might become a tradition but only time will tell.

Rules are simple: each couple is supposed to bring a gift valued at $20 to $25 and the 2nd gift is a gag gift.  The gag gift is supposed to be something that has no value or no used to the owner.  Each couple is supposed to wrap their gifts and gift should be tagged.   People can steel a gift twice and cannot be stolen any longer. 

Let the game begin:

Huyen got #1 and is the first person to choose a gift.

She choose the biggest package and she got a really nice large wood tray

She i

Spencer got some earrings!

Spencer is really happy to get them so he can re-gift them to his sweet heart.

Vu got a really nice I-phone charger.

This is a really gift and I am sure somebody will steal it!

Hoa got a gift $25 gift certificate and a box of cookie.

Another good gift... I will get stolen soon..

Justin got a set Vodka set which Phuc is already eying...

I got a donut maker.. this was a gift from last year and it is making it come back again this year!


Minh got a gag gift and he laugh so much when he opened it.  It was a tiny silver heart picture frame meant for Valentine.

Xu-xu got some boxing cloves but in the end Kristie got them.


Phuc stealing the Vodka set from Justin

Justin had to pick something else...

He got a nice wooden chess board but there are no checkers.  Funny!

Loan turn to pick a gift!

Can't remember what she got but it was a gag gift!

Tuan got a nice condiment set.

Ryan got a got a got gift!  Woody to infinity...

Maily open her gift and saw that it is a wooden box... We all knew right away that it was the same gag gift from last year.

Check out last year gift exchange and you will see a better description of the gift.

My gift got stolen so I  am opening and I got a game!  Turned out this is a sought out game so needless to say I was not able to keep the gift.  Kevin got it in the end.

Hoa's gift got also stolen so this time he got 2 set of baking trays which I definitely can use.

Oh no poor Jason he got a gag gift that was also been recycled from last year.

It is a facial mask with electricity that is supposed to make your skin tighter...I am sure this gift will resurface again next year 'cause nobody wants it!

Again, my gift was stolen so I picked another gift - first I did not know what this is for, reading the instruction and it looks like it is a fur stole.


Vu's original gift the I-phone charger got stolen so he picked another one and got some chocolate.

Xuxu gift got stolen and now she got a cheese tray!  Not exactly what she wanted but I guess it will do.

Kevin Vu stole the  wine bottle gag gift  from Maily!  That was too funny, we all thought nobody wants it but apparently Kevin does!

Maily had to pick another gift

Maily got a really nice bracelet!

Poor Vu,  even the chocolate box he got was stolen so by now there are not many choices so he end up with a gag gift.


Vu thought that getting a digital scale...but he did not know...

that inside the box it is a digital used old scale- Oh NO all The good gifts he got they are all stolen and he ended with the lamest gag gift.

This gag gift was from last year and made it back again..


Any how it was a lots a fun and it was really nice hanging out with the kids!  So until next year...

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