White Elephant Gift exchange Party- 12/27/2014

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Our guests are here and it is time to bring out the appetizers.  I am serving just a few appetizers so we have room to enjoy our meal.




Canned foie gras with blueberries sautéed in butter and brown sugar, caramelized apples and Loan brought a bunch of Pate chaud.

The Guests

Everybody is gathering around the appetizers table!

The adults hanging around our counter sipping Sauternes with Foie gras.

The kids hanging together

Some of them have not seen each other for a long time because they are away  in college.

A few older kids are already working and are also busy so this is a really nice time to have all of them in a same room.

Nice picture of Ryan, Jason, Kevin and Xu-Xu.

Wow what a bunch of good looking kids!


Time for a sit down for Dinner

The kids' table.

Since they have not seen each other for a while it is time to catch up on conversations....

Our turn to sit down...

Serving the 1st course: Arpège egg



For some reason we are all looking at the kid's table... somebody probably said a joke ore something like that....


Most of the wine are from Phuc, our sommelier extraordinaire.



All fabulous!


2nd Course: Escargot de Bourgogne

Loan helping me in the kitchen...

Lively conversations between each course...



Ready to bring out the side dishes...

Miriam our helper is great!  Without her help it would be impossible to host a dinner with so many people.

For dessert I made a Sticky Toffee pudding

Assembling the dessert....


Next... Gift Exchange



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