White Elephant gift exchange party- 12/27/14

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Table Decoration

We are had lots of fun with a White Christmas gift exchange party last year so I decided to do an encore this year.  Last year was a blast with only 12 people but this year I wanted to include the kids because with the gift exchange game the more people the merrier it gets.

Table for the adult is set up.

Making the table look as festive as I much as I can by using lots of Christmas decorations.

I used lots of hues of green, brown, silver and a few pop of bright colors.

Looks pretty festive to me...


In the center of the table I added a bunch of candle holders and vases with different height and width.


This the table for kids.

  This is the first time I set up the kids' table next to the adult table.

 I used the same color scheme for the kids as for the adults.




I used colorful and festive plates for the kid's table.


Menu is printed...

Close look at one of the many centerpieces on the table.


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