San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival- 9/16/12

Arrival Walking around The race Food and view

While Kevin is preparing for the race Hoa and I we just walk around and see what's going on.  Kaiser Permanente is the sponsor for this event and their presence is very noticeable.

They have the largest set up there! They came prepare and had all the gadgets.

Check out all the foldable chairs!



Back Packs neatly hang.

Hoa standing next to a display of a dragon boat.

They know what they are doing... All the paddles are organized and hung nicely.

A team getting together before a race.

Colorful folded chairs.

This the breakfast buffet inside the Kaiser Permanente tent.

Healthy spread for sure and great to start the morning with lots of fruits.

Paddles neatly arranged.

Every where we go, teams after teams are warming up and they are having so much fun.


Another team warming up too!



Brochure for the event.


Kevin's team getting ready for the race.








Our house


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