San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival- 9/16/12

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First race

The event hosts more than 120 dragon boat teams and 3,500 dragon boat paddlers from across North America who will race the 500 and 300 meter courses. Races are located in the cove between Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.

 Contestant have to warm up by paddling their boat about 500m from starting point and then have to turn around with the front of their boat facing the starting point.


This is the warm up portion. Every body still taking it easy as they paddle in unison.


On the shore lots of teams a lining up waiting for their turn to race.


Irvine team staying in line...

It is actually really out there!


View of the Ocean




It was freezing there while waiting for Kevin's team to compete. Good thing I had a warm coat on me.




The 1st race of the day is on..


The race goes by really fast about a minute or so,,,


Here these 3 boats are neck to neck

But then boat #1 took the lead.

3rd race (Kevin's team is on this one)

The race started...


This is a qualification race and Kevin's team won first place (on the boat #1).

Kevin's team will compete for another 4 races during the course of the day.


Race is over... the whole team is walking back to the main area.



The day started with a high note!

1st race =1st win


Happy to win the first race!


The team grouping together.


The team formed a double line and let each racer run through while everybody is cheering and clapping!



Group portrait.


Next.. Food and view



Our house


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