Bowers Museum - 7/3/08

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Bowers Museum


After Vegas we flew to L.A. to visit our cousins and friends.  Thuy works for the Bowers Museum so we got free tickets to go see the famous Terra Cotta Warriors from China.  This is the largest number of warriors and national treasure to ever leave China so we do not want to miss it.

Orange County's largest museum, the Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum was founded in 1936 as a city-run museum devoted primarily to the history of Orange County. In the mid-1980's, the old museum closed its doors and, in October of 1992, the institution was reborn as the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art (some six times larger than the original). Since then, the museum has presented over 45 special exhibitions from all over the world, opened six permanent galleries, and watched its membership grow.

 Peaceful fountains lined the wall of the entrance of the new wing of the Museum.

The garden is done so nicely that all of us wish we had a front garden like this one.

Nicky, Kevin, Brian, Andy and Terry posing the court yard.

Maily, Thuy and I posing with a terra Cotta Warrior.

Brochure of the Terra Cotta Warriors.

Display at the entrance of the show. No pictures were allowed inside the museum.

Hoa was done with the the tour before all of us so he went up to Thuy's office and took a picture.

Thuy has a nice a large office!




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