Las Vegas - 6/30/08

The first day

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We arrived in Las Vegas mid day, just enough time to check in our hotel, rest a little and hang around until dinner time.  Each time we go to Vegas we always try to see at least a show and this trip is not exception.  We were able to get tickets for the most popular show right now "The Beatles -Love" at the Mirage.    

We usually stay at Paris hotel because it is central and it is easy to walk to different casinos.  For dinner we decided to go to Papas located at the Planet Hollywood Casino (next to Paris), formerly known as Aladdin. 



Here we are at  Pampas, a Brazilian grill.  A few of our friends recommend this place for their bouillabaisse.

The bottle huge is their wine list.  Kevin put a knife next to it so you have an idea of the dimension of the bottle.

The famous bouillabaisse turn out to be such a big disappointment.  It was so salty and the fish was overcooked that it was rubbery!


Kevin ordered the rib eye and French Fries.  Fortunately, the meat was good.

After dinner we walked by Lombardi's a really nice Italian restaurant.  We ate there the last time and had really good food there.

The entrance of the Lombardi's restaurant.  I wished I ate there instead of Papas.

By the time we were done with our dinner it was around 9:00PM.  Our show is at 10:00PM at the Mirage so we heading that way.  On on way to the Mirage we passed  the famed statue of the winged Victory Of Samothrace, Goddess of Victory in front of the fountains near the entrance of Caesar's Palace Hotel.  The real statue is at the Louvre (click on the letter Louvre and scroll down a little and you will the real statue).


Las Vegas at night time. 


Inside Caesar's palace.  I don't know the name of this fountain but it is made of Marble and it is majestic.  There are always so many people surrounding it.


Louis Vuitton store inside Caesar's palace

Walkway lined with shops.

This area was just added recently and it is full of shops.  It is a really nice area to walk around.

Next... Love by Cirque du Soleil



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