Trip to Las Vegas trip & Irvine- 10/11/12 - 10/14/12

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MiX Restaurant and BAR

When renowned French chef Alain Ducasse chose to open his first Las Vegas restaurant, he did it in high style by opeing Mix at the Mandalay Bay tower called THEhotel.  Since opening in late 2004, MiX has earned a well-deserved reputation for globally informed French cuisine.

MiX has won many awards including the impressive one Michelin Star rating in both 2008 and 2009.  MiX is under the skilled guidance of Chef Bruno Riou, the signature dishes of Alain Ducasse are interpreted with a contemporary twist, and are beautifully executed. 

MiX is well-known in Las Vegas as a "designer restaurant" using unique interior design elements, such as chandelier lighting and sweeping staircases, to create a stunning dining atmosphere. The entire restaurant is decorated in white and silver, with a breathtaking 24-foot-tall Murano blown-glass chandelier made up of some 15,000 hand blown spheres which never fails to amaze newcomers.

Loan and I getting off the elevator and walking into MiX restaurant.

I am waiting to the hostess to check us in. We arrived 20 minutes ahead of our reservation so our hostess suggested we walk around and see the property.

Check out the view of the city behind Loan (we are on the 64th floor).

The view from here is absolutely amazing, especially at night when all of the casinos lights are on. It is known to be one of the best views of the Strip in Vegas..


The kitchen is on the right of the restaurant and it is gigantic!


The Bar

As you exit the elevator you pass by the kitchen and then enter a sumptuous black lounge and in the center a huge oval bar that catch your sight right away. The massive molded core of the bar is designed to look like red coral. On the ceiling above the "coral" is a fiber optic field that shimmers like the night sky.

 What you can not feel by looking at this picture is that the bar is very dark so the bright red back ground really stands out.


It is a very stunning bar and almost magical!


View of the City from the Bar!  Isn't it amazing!

There's a deck with brown banquettes and white tables so that people can sit outside on a warm day. But it does not matter whether you sit inside or out, the view of the strip is stunning!


The way this place is set up, guests can enjoy a cocktail while watching an amazing vista. 

Tonight it was raining and we witness thunder and lighting while dinning! Priceless!


Here we are walking back to the restaurant. 


The dinning room is decorated all in white and accented with a splash of a red color.


The décor at Mix features is simply amazing.  The ceiling is decorated with 1,500 individually hand-blown Murano Glass “bubbles” cascading from the high-ceilings like a halo.

The glass bubbles are supposed to make you feel like you are sitting in the bottom of a champagne flute an watching all the champagne bubbles. 

We wanted a table next to the window but they did not have it so we sat right in the middle of the room where we have a view but it is better is we were seated next to the windows.



  The menu


Cocktail menu.

Hoa and Minh wanted to order a cocktail before their meal.

Cocktails are served time to cheers for a good time and great friendship!

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