Trip to Las Vegas trip & Irvine- 10/11/12 - 10/14/12

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Well you probably figure it by now that WE LOVE LAS VEGAS!

NEVER, EVER have we been to one single location 4 times in a year! That is a record and do not want to break it, so NO more trip to Vegas this year! 

Las Vegas is an ever changing place where there is always something new to do, to visit, to discover, and that's why we never get tired of visiting.  A few people asked me why do we like Vegas so much?  And my answer is: "WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?".  We treat ourselves to luxurious accommodations, upscale dinning, the best shows in town, the excitement of shopping at top designer stores or getting a deal by shopping at great outlets stores, and not to forget a bit of gambling for Hoa which make each visit an exciting place to be.

For this trip we flew to Vegas with Minh and Loan and landed mid day, had a quick lunch then went shopping for a few hours, checked in out hotel, took a quick nap to recharge our batteries and then we had to get ready for dinner tonight at THEhotel, home to a Michelin-starred restaurant called "MiX" at the top of the hotel on the 64th Floor (aka the roof).    

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay (Mandalay the building on the right) is a 43-story with 1,117 luxury suite hotel.  I have never been to THEhotel before but been to Mandalay bay many times.  I was told that the suites at THEhotel are really luxurious, spacious, and with a killer view.


MiX Restaurant is located on the 64th floor of THEhotel.  On this picture you can see where the restaurant is located simply because the windows are left au natural so that people can enjoy the view!

THEhotel at night time.

The Lobby

We got off the garage and enter THEhotel  and right away I like it!  It a hip atmosphere, with urban chic decor.   THEhotel attracts a younger crowd that prefers urban chic to ornate luxury and I can definitely see the reason why.


Loan and I

Nice picture of Minh and Loan


Hoa and I

One of many Floral arrangements on display.


The four of us in the lobby.



Floral arrangements on a super large lacquered table to welcome guests coming from the garage. 




I simply adore all the floral arrangements they made!  They are simple but yet elegant.


Tall hallway warmly lit with yellow glow.


Here we are waking to the elevator... Interesting Lamp shape covering the ceiling.



More hallways....


Natural Quartz dated 2 millions years old displayed in the lobby.


Next.. MiX Restaurant



Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin