Sage restaurant in Las Vegas- 8/30/12

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A little over a month ago we were in Vegas and here we are back again .... but this time it was not really planned in advance! We found out that Hoa's brother, Thuan is coming to Las Vegas to work back stage with Thuy Nga's production so we decided at the last minute to meet him in Vegas.  Thuy Nga is Vietnamese entertainment company that produces Paris By Night (very famous amongst Vietnamese community).  Thuy Nga is having two shows at Planet Hollywood during this week-end and people (mostly Vietnamese) are flying from all over to see the show live.   We have rendez vous withThuan at the Planet Hollywood lobby and we ran into so many famous Vietnamese singers in the lobby!  I did not take any pictures of them 'cause I am really into Vietnamese music.

Thuan and I in front of Planet Hollywood and Miracle mile shops.

Walking from Planet Hollywood to Aria resort & casino...


Aria's top three restaurants: Sage (on the left), Bar Masa in the middle, and Julian Serrano (which we had the chance to try out on our last trip) are clustered together near the hotel's registration desk.


I made reservation at Sage for Dinner.  Sage features New American cuisine known for it clean flavors coupled with farm-to-table ingredients and a strong emphasis on simplicity.



Reception desk

Menus are displayed out



Here I am checking in with the hostess while Thuan is checking on his new Samsung notebook.


As soon as you walk in Sage you have to pass by a tall wall filled with wine enclosed with glass.


Then the first thing you see is the over-sized bar with the super-high ceilings and immediately you notice how enormous the space is.

A large laser projection of Edouard Manet's le dejeuner sur L'herbes can be seen at booth end of the bar.


A long row of lamp shades are hanging over the bar giving out a really nice visual effect.

Resist the urge to hang around the bar... it is so inviting but we have to eat first...

Next time we will come early to have a cocktail before our reservation.  


Hoa and I sitting down for dinner.  No overcrowded tables here, no matter where your party will be sitting giving out a great sense of privacy.

And the acoustics are wonderful because the ceiling is so tall and so all conversation is soft and muted and perfectly suited for a large group.


The dinning room is simply gorgeous with high ceilings, spacious and decorated with sleek, dark wooden tables, plush seats and banquettes with large purple laser projections of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting: Le déjeuner des canotiers (Luncheon Boating Party)" on the sections of the restaurant's walls.

While looking at the painting's projections I am wondering why Chef McClain chose it?  The restaurant is after all an American restaurant.


Painting projection of the right hand side of a super long wall (see above picture).

Nice chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  The restaurant is dimly lit but enough to create a charming and atmosphere.

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