Eiffel tower restaurant in Las Vegas 8/31/11

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The next evening I made reservation at the Eiffel tower restaurant located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at the Paris Las Vegas hotel casino. The restaurant is about a third of the way up the hotel's half-scale Eiffel Tower replica, with 360 degrees views of the Strip from all four glassed wall inside the restaurant.  The Eiffel tower replica has an enclosed observation deck for safety as well as a glass elevator to admire the stunning vistas on the way to the top.  From the instant we stepped off the elevator we were greeted by a nice young host with a genuine smile, and I could not help but to think that tonight is going to be an amazing dinning experience! 

View of the restaurant from the street.  The restaurant is high above ground level.

To reach the restaurant you will ride a glass elevator that opens to a a view of the amazing kitchen and then a host will escort you to the dining room. 


The elevator doors opens to an enormous and super clean kitchen which took us a bit by surprise simply because we did not expect to see the kitchen in main display.

   As soon as the door opened, a young host greet you and then escort you to the dining room. I was mesmerized by the size of the kitchen and how quietly everybody was working together.  

Working in unison....On the right is the executive chef which I cannot remember her name but I was told she is Korean and runs the kitchen with an iron fist.

 On the left hand side of the kitchen is an area where Amuse bouche (gazpacho) and trays of Mignardises are set up before being served.

The bar with an extraordinaire and panoramic view of the strip is lively.



Hoa and I waiting close by the bar.  Panoramic views of the Las Vegas strip can be seen.


Standing between the waiting area and the bar.

The restaurant is huge and if you don't want to eat you can have a few cocktails at the bar to start the evening.


Burgundy velour banquettes and a Belle Époque décor where guests can seat comfortably and enjoy the view. 


 The restaurant features luxurious red booths, wood accents and exposed metal beams from the Eiffel Tower construction.

Metal framework of the Eiffel tower breaking through the restaurant walls in places creating a visual stunning reminder that you are inside the Eiffel tower even if it is a replica.


The best tables are located along the floor-to-ceiling glass windows with amazing vista.


After less than 5 minutes of wait we were led to a table that offered an incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip through the glass outer walls of the restaurant and behind Hoa is a Paris' pool located on 3 acres of space.  The pool sits on top of the hotel and has view of the Eiffel Tower.

In front of us is the view of the Bellagio hotel and it's dancing fountains across the street.


Red plate with the Eiffel restaurant logo.

One of the many views from our table.


Menu - Click on LINK to see bigger version

Menu - Click on LINK to see bigger version

We opted to go with the chef's tasting menu

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