Street of Paris 

-   St.Eustache 

-   Pantheon

-   Louvre

St. Emilion

-   Chateau

-   Dinner @ Chateau 


-   Wine Tasting




-   Covent Market


Covent Garden is one of the London's biggest tourist magnets. A former fruit and vegetable market is always crowded, especially during weekends and in summertime.  Covent Garden is known for its many open-air cafés, restaurants, pubs, market stalls and shops. Famous are the many street performers who entertain the visitors on the pedestrian piazza. A former floral market now houses the Theatre Museum and the London Transport Museum. The Covent Garden district is also home to several theaters and the recently renovated Royal Opera House.




I like these phone booth.  I was told they are a dying breed since the introduction on the cellular phone.




O.k. this will conclude out tour for this summer...

 No matter how fun it is, after over 2 weeks on the road, I am glad to return home to find my "own bed".  I understand now the meaning of  "home sweet home"....

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