3 Days in New York City-2-6 to 2/8/2022

Day 1

Per Se restaurant

8 course Dinner

Day 2

Ringing bell at Nasdaq

Chelsea Market

Dinner at Ivan Ramen

Day 3

The High Line

Lunch/Walking around

St. Patrick Cathedral

Day 3 cont.

Stroll in New York City

Dinner at Estela

Per Se, New York-2/6/2022

8 course Dinner

 Thomas Keller is the chef and proprietor of The French Laundry in Yountville, California landmark that has been hailed as the finest restaurant in the world. Ten years after opening this, his first restaurant, in 1994, he followed with Per Se, which brought his distinctive fine dining style to Manhattan. Today, both restaurants enjoy three-star Michelin ratings, making Keller the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple three-star ratings from the prestigious dining guide. Chef Keller has also opened Bouchon, Bar Bouchon, Bouchon Bakery, and Ad Hoc, each of which contributes to the new paradigm he has set within the hospitality industry.

More than one million copies of Chef Keller’s books, including the New York Times bestsellers “Ad Hoc at Home” and “Bouchon Bakery,” and “The French Laundry,” “Bouchon,” and “Under Pressure,” a book devoted to sous vide cooking, are in print.  Keller was designated a Chevalier of The French Legion of Honor in 2011, the highest decoration in France, in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the traditions of French cuisine and his role in elevating cooking in America. He is only the third American culinary figure to be so honored.

1st course: Oyster and Pearl

Sabayon of Pearl Tapioca with Island Creek Oyster and Regiis Ova Caviar.


Oyster and Pear is one of Chef's Keller signature dish.

On the plate is two plump oysters floating of top of a bed of tapioca custard and garnish with a generous quenelle of caviar.


I had this dish at the French Laundry way back in 2016 and I never forget the taste of it.

It is luxurious, velvety, unctuous, and the balance of the salty caviar against the savory tapioca custard and the delicate sweetness the oysters is simply amazing.


Love this dish!


Bread Service


Epi bread and pretzel bread. Both bread were delicious as to be expected.


2nd course: "Sashimi of Pacific Hiramasa"

Roasted baby beets, celery root relish" and horseradish crème fraiche


Hiramasa or Yellow Kingfish is prized for its rich, buttery texture and strong flavor.  The higher fat content and flavor have made this fish a sought after species.

Here is paired with the sweetness of the roasted baby beets, the acidity/saltiness/sweetness of celery root relish, the creaminess and a bust of flavor from the horseradish crème fresh.


A beautiful presentation, very fresh to the palate and very satisfying bite.


3rd course: Herb-roasted black sea bass

 Caramelized parsnip, wilted arrow leaf spinach, and vanilla saffron sauce.


This dish is a contrast in textures: the crisp skin on the moist flesh of the fish and the toasty exterior of the spinach balls surrounding their soft interior.

The sauce uses a mussel stock and then enriched with a saffron cream sauce.


Best Black sea bass dish I ever had.


4rd course: Heart of palm, parsnip puree, roasted mushroom, chive oil


A vegetarian dish with different texture and contrast.  The combination of the nutty and almost artichoke flavor of the heart of palm, the velvety parsnip puree, and the savory and earthiness of the mushroom work beautifully.


5th course: Butternut squash Agnolotti

Confit Hazelnuts, crispy Brussels sprouts, cranberries, and Beurre Noisette


Agnolotti is the Piedmont version of ravioli.  They are the perfect stuffed pasta because the little pockets catch the sauce.

Here is paired with a decadent beurre noisette sauce, confit hazelnut and I really love the crispy Brussels sprouts.



6th course: Prime rib of Elysian Field farm Lamb

Pink lady apples, glazed rutabaga, Caraflex Cabbage, and sauce Navarin


Ending of last savory course with a Lamb prime rib which was simply delicious.


7th course: Baba au Rhum

Golden pineapple, coconut ice cream, and California Passion fruit


Our first dessert of the evening is a rum soaked brioche served with a quenelle of coconut ice cream on a bed of passion fruit.

I always love a good baba au rhum but this is one is elevated with the addition of the coconut ice cream and the delectable passion fruit.


Of course I have to get a piping hot cut of coffee to enjoy with my dessert.


8th course: Coffee and Doughnuts

Cinnamon-Sugared brioche doughnuts, and Cappuccino SemiFreddo


This is how Thomas Keller described the conception of Coffee and donughts:

"This may be another of those had-to-be-sad-to-see-it creations, like the salmon cornet. I was working in L.A., miserable and poor. I had a James Beard Foundation dinner coming up and I had no idea what to serve. Across from my apartment was an S and K doughnut shop. I'd go there once a week for a glazed old-fashioned doughnut and a cup of coffee. I liked the glazed old-fashioned because it was so heavy, it felt like you were getting a lot for your money. And there it was. Coffee and Doughnuts."


An element of surprise here is that the semifreddo, a partially frozen mousse, is cold beneath hot, frothy steamed milk. The donughts are delicious traditionally deep fried treats, coated with cinnamon sugar.


Ending the meal with a selection of Mignardises.


Bonbon, macarons, chocolate, truffles, and candy.

I was just too full to eat a mignardise but they do look wonderful.


Opened in 2004, Per Se is Thomas Keller’s acclaimed New York interpretation of The French Laundry in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. Designed by Adam D. Tihany, Per Se features a serene and intimate environment with spectacular views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. The restaurant is Chef Keller’s second three-Michelin-starred property featuring his daily nine-course tasting menu and a nine-course vegetable tasting menu using classic French technique and the finest quality ingredients available.

We dined in the private room so I did not experienced the ambiance in the main dinning room.  The food is exactly how I remembered at the French Laundry, and as expected it was flawlessly executed with top quality ingredients.

The servive is impecable, they are very professional and the service went without a glitch even though our group was pretty tough to handle considering that people keep moving from table to table once they finished a course and they have to be reminded to go back to their open so they can bring out the dishes.  Somehow, they were able to maneuver and deliver all the courses with the upmost high standard.



NEXT.... Day 2 -Ringing bell at Nasdaq


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