Lisbon, Portugal-4/18/2016

Sea Me Restaurant


Pasteis de Nata

Sea Me restaurant-Dinner


Appetizers are brought out automatically but they charge you for it. 7 - but we got 3 portions = 21

It is a rip-off!  We keep forgetting to say "No" -IfF we say "No" they will take the appetizers away.


We ended up drinking 3 bottles during the course of our meal- 10.50 per bottle





We really the Vinho Verde!  It goes down really easily and perfect with seafood.


Thomas, Me, Valerie, Loan, Minh, Son, and Hoa.

Cheers to a good meal!


Fried squid in squid ink batter- 7.50

This looks really weird but it is actually delicious! The batter is crispy and tasty, and the combination works well.



Pan seared scallops with passion fruits, and black sesame -  9.00

We ordered 2 plates as there are only 4 scallops per platter and there are 6 of us.


The scallops are sweet, fresh, perfectly seared and the passion fruit sauce is really interesting.  A good dish.


Thomas loves sushi so we ordered him a plate of tuna sashimi-9.50 and salmon sashimi-8.50


Thomas had a good appetite and ate the whole plate + a bowl of rice with his sushi!


The fish is divided into two platter - so this is for 3 people.


The fish is served with a variety of vegetable.   The vegetable are cooked simply but it is really delicious.


Close look at the plate.


My plate...The fish was indeed delicious and this is the first time I have ever eat a Sea scorpion.


Next... Pasteis de Nata




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