Lisbon, Portugal-4/18/2016

Sea Me restaurant

Sea Me Restaurant


Pasteis de Nata

Sea Me came recommended by the person who rented our apartment in Lisbon.  He said Sea Me has the best fish in town and the fish are always fresh!

We called them 3 times and on the 3rd time we were able to reserve a table for 7 people.

Sea Me is a contemporary restaurant with Portuguese/Japanese fusion seafood menu

The interesting thing about this restaurant is that is also a fish market, meaning people can come here buy the fish to cook at home, but it is also an upscale restaurant and a bar.


Our reservation is at 7:30PM.  Here we are entering the restaurant.

Window display of the restaurant.

The first thing you see walking in the restaurant is very long bar where people can drink and also eat seafood.

You can see Loan and Minh walking pass the bar.


View of the bar..


After the bar is a huge room with lots of solid wooden tables decorated with blue napkins, and modern lighting on the ceiling.

This the view looking to the entrance.

The sushi bar.


The three musketeers:  Porthos, Aramis, and Athos..


Valerie and Thomas


Loan and I



Tables are set really close to each other


I am checking out the oysters....


30 minutes after we sat down the restaurant was filled with customers.  There is not a single table available by 8:00PM


They have a lot of seafood on display!  You can just point whatever you want and the restaurant will cook it for you.


Oyster, Monk Fish, Tuna, Sea Bass, Sea Scorpion (red one on top)


Loan looking at all the sea food, our waitress, standing next to hern, recommended a whole Sea Scorpion for our group.

I told her that we like Monk fish but she told us that our group is too large for a Monk fish.  Then we suggested a few more fish but in the end she told us to trust her and that the meat of the Sea Scorpion is like lobster.


So this is how it works: we selected the fish then it is weighted.  Total weight is 2.97 kilos =6.5 pounds

Sea scorpion cost 67.5 per kilo so the total for the fish is 199.95


Next the fishmonger remove the scale, degut the fish and then clean it.


Once it is clean, the fishmonger cut it in half horizontally.

Olive oil is rubbed on the fish, salt is added and the fish is put on a hot grill.

Our fish is the one in the center.

15 minutes later, our fish is the one on the right... almost ready!

Checking one last time to see if it is properly cook before it is served.


Next... Dinner



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