Lisbon, Portugal-4/18/2016

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Pasteis de Nata

Pasteis de Nata

As we were leaving the restaurant we saw across the street a small bakery/Coffee shop making Pasteis de Nata, the famous Portuguese custard tart.  Since we did not have dessert we decided to stop by.

Manteigaria is a narrow but elongated shop with an Art Nouveau façade facing Camões Square.  It used to be a butter shop but was converted and reopened as a "custard tarts factory."
The tarts are continuously made in front of you throughout the day, and you may take a few to enjoy at home or have them at the counter.

Open 7 days a week from 8:00am to midnight.

This is what you see when you walk in the shop.  A large display with lots and lots of freshly baked Pasteis de Nata.


You can buy them to go or you can eat on the side of the counter.


It is probably 10:30PM by now and there are still a lots of customers buying the tart to go...


Thomas walking in the store.. He looks happy!

Packaging for the Pasteis de Nata


Open kitchen so you can see how the Pasteis de Nata are made.


The cost per tart is €1 - They sell about 6,000 Pasteis de Nata per day.. That's a lot!


We ordered coffee and few Pasteis de Nata and they are so delicious.

They were warm when they were served, the custard has the perfect consistency and the puff pastry was flaky and rich.

I can probably eat 10 of them but I better not.


You can eat your Pasteis de Nata while watching the baker making them.

After baking the Pasteis de Nata, this baker was doing a quality control.  He threw a few in the garbage can and Minh and Hoa told me "No" give them to us..

He was smiling as I am sure he heard that before.

This lady was running the shop and she was so nice.

She is the one that told us they sold 6,000 tarts a day.


This girl task was to spread out of the puff pastry so that it will cover the mold.

Here you can see that the dough is cut our first and then it has to be shaped to fit the mold.

Once all the pastry is shaped to the mold, custard is poured in.

We were lucky to stumble on this shop!  The Pasteis de Nata was excellent and it was a real treat!

As we were leaving the shop it is interesting to see funicular (cable railway) running through in the main street of Lisbon.


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