Thanksgiving chez Hanh and Tuan- 11/26/09


Every year, I usually have a Thanksgiving dinner at our house for our friends that can not be with their family, but this year we are invited to Hanh's and Tuan's house!  This year there are only 4 families getting together.  It is so rare for our group to only have 8 people for dinner but it turned out to be a really nice and intimate dinner with close friends. 


Hanh decorated the table so nicely! She told me it took her barely any time to set the table which is a nice change.

When we entertain there are at least between 14 t o18 adults + kids, so this is half  the usual crowd and it is a lot easier to set up the table


Beautiful center piece on the table.

Close up look at each plate setting.

Overview of the table

The kids watching TV and surfing the internet....


Justin, Nicky, Kevin and Ryan

Ha brought a plate of oysters wrapped in bacon.  The food disappeared in a flash.


Beef in puff pastry! So yummy!

Tuna tartar dish on top and a large bowl of  mixed Salad.

The kids sitting down for Dinner

Justin, Kevin, Lea, Ludo, Ryan and Nicky


Tuan carving the turkey!

All eyes are on Tuan while he is carving the turkey!

Plate of roasted Turkey!  Tuan brined the Turkey so the meat was so juicy and very tasty.


The buffet table with a large plate of roasted Turkey, gravy (in white pot), mashed potatoes, roasted yam, mashed sweet potatoes , corn bread, stuffing,

 sautéed green beans and mushrooms, and salad.

Baked Ham

Group portrait!


For desserts I made a roasted pineapple pudding served with Crème Anglaise.

Making the crust of the  crème brûlée by using a blow torch.

Espresso crème brûlée

Next... Thanksgiving decoration



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